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TV Review: London Irish – ‘two episodes in I can take no more’

Episode two of London Irish airs tonight on Channel 4

London Irish
Channel 4 Tues, 10pm
★ (out of five)

F*** me, is this s*** still going? It didn’t get cancelled after one week? Well I’ll be a c***.

Hey, how did you like the intro to my review? Was it hilarious. No? Huh? Well why don’t you just f*** yourself with your own p****, you c***ting, w***ing t***!

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Oh … sorry. I was in London Irish mode there. I’ve just finished watching the second episode. It’s taking me a little while to adapt to the fact that, in the real world, curses are not necessarily punch lines. I’ll snap out of it now.

Yes, this dreadful comedy is still on the air. In fact, 1.1million people tuned in to the first episode. So, once you take away the curious and the masochistic, it’s clear there is a sizeable constituency who will watch anything, laugh at anything.

So, I don’t really know why I’m writing this review and why you’re reading it. We’d all be better rewarded for penning ‘edgy’ scripts and getting them shown on national television. If they will broadcast this, well, the bar is low and pretty much anybody can clear it.

The second episode is probably worse than the opener. Although that’s a marginal call, like trying to judge whether Alan Shearer or Martin Keown is the more bland football pundit.

The shock police get properly tested this week as jokes about terrorism (tick), paedophilia (tick), necrophilia (tick), Louis Walsh (tick) and rape (tick) are sent, barely dressed, down the runway to strut their stuff.

Though, as was case first time around, the only thing likely to make you splutter Barry’s tea at the screen is the horrific writing.

Example: Bronagh’s fella is about to get slagged off by Packie (friction, tension, jealousy – maybe they’ll end up together later in the series. That would be the clichéd thing to happen. Thankfully, I’ll never know if it comes to pass. Two episodes is my limit). This lad James is “Englishy” says Packie. Why? “He says ‘fun’”. “And ‘literally,’” adds Niamh. “Yeah, what is the craic with their inability to form a sentence without the word ‘literally’?” asks Packie.

James has entered the pub by now and is about to join the gang. Surely, you think, he is not going to spout the word literally in the next few lines … Or fun.

What do I know about comedy? Very little. But I do know that jokes are not supposed to be so stunningly obvious, so blatantly contrived, so mind-numbingly predictable.

No, he definitely won’t say literally straight away – there will be a pay-off later on in the show when we the audience have more or less forgotten about it.

Then in a matter of seconds … James: “I had so much fun at the wedding. I mean, I literally had the best time.”

Oh no.

This was about a third of the way in. A load of other stuff happened after, but by then I had lost the resolve to pay attention.

I think Niamh got intimate with a cadaver. One of the lads decided they might be a homosexual, which turned out to be literally no fun at all in the end. Boom, boom sign me up! Bronagh rotted from the inside out, dissolving in a fizzling puddle of toxicity. Turns out she had battery-acid for blood. Aye, have ye got a problem with that ye f***in’ p**** with ears?

No, well yes … no actually. Just leave me alone. Please! I give up.

Somebody else can do a review next week. One of the 1.1 million might step up. Though as the curious get bored and the masochistic get bored too, you might see that number tail off.

If it doesn’t, well, you wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Might as well laugh, it’d be a first for this awful show.


Ronan Early

Ronan Early is Sports Editor and columnist with The Irish Post. Follow him on Twitter @RonanEarly

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23 comments on “TV Review: London Irish – ‘two episodes in I can take no more’”

  1. Pete

    I kinda like it. Think it has its moments.

  2. David Corcoran

    A triumph of a review. This show is absolute garbage.

  3. Paddy O'Leary

    I must be in a minority - I actually find this London Irish sit-com really funny. There's a surreal anarchy that reminds me of my early days starting out life as a very young Irishman in London - Feeling like the outsider and abandoning all sense of shame in the hope of having a good time but failing miserably - Finding the best laughs at completely the wrong times - Frustrated by suspicious minds and finding equally daft minds in London pubs - I get the feeling London Irish is well on its way to getting cult status and if too many people start saying they like it then I'll stop watching....

    • Sharon

      I Luv it too Paddy!!! It's wile bloody funny.......... great craic altogether!! :-)

  4. Siobhan Gilmartin

    Well done Ronan. Agree totally with you I am livid! What a huge insult to us Londoners with Irish roots who have always been so proud to call ourselves 'London Irish'. This nasty, cheap and utterly tasteless excuse of a 'comedy' or 'play' totally degrades that term. Am disgusted to think that we could identify with any of the cultural norms that this drivel has labelled as being London Irish. Yuk. C4 - what on earth were you thinking?

  5. John McManus

  6. Ellie

    Shut your fat arse mouth, there is nothing wrong with it. If you don't like it, don't watch it.

    • luke robinson

      totally agree with u ellie im from northern ireland and i love the show because some of the things they say are bang on what we would say

  7. S Seal

    It's abundantly clear that you have never spent time in a Belfast pup where these characters originate. The language and pace is wonderfully authentic . The author is to congratulated on capturing this so well. Nice to hear the accent, with the exception of Mr Hanlon's "done right" too for a change.
    I thought the humour ,while extreme, to be equally authentic. Well done.

  8. Marcas

    Ronan,Well said!

    bhí sé uafasach!!! cha rabh sé greannmhar ar chor a' bith!!!

    I'm glad we are not really like that, I watched the one episode and it was more than enough to convince me that it is not worth watching anymore!

  9. Lisa

    clearly some snotty fuck head with a shit sense of humour wrote this review, this program is funny as fuck and if dickheds can't handle it then they're doing it right 😛

  10. patrick gavin

    Everything about this comedy should be and is objectable and yet it very funny.

    The industrial cursing can at times reach magnificent heights especially last nights "I rather s**t in hands and clap" trully spit your tea out funny.

    Despite everything this show is growing on me snd well worth giving it another chance.

  11. Kieran

    Great show, Conor's some laugh, some of ye uptite morons would need ta lighten up!

  12. Molly

    Honestly I think you couldn't have been more wrong. I have never laughed so much watching this programme. It's all my friends talk about and I'm talking at least 7 of them. I have yet to meet a person who doesn't like it. Obviously you are not a humorous person, so don't bother writing for comedies. I will however look forward to watching more episodes and hopefully more series.

  13. Kieran

    Here here!!!

  14. Scott

    Superb program. What about ye.

    • Nick

      Freakin hilarious. Love this show. Can't wait for another episode.

      • MaLaika

        Love the show! When is the next season?

  15. Eden

    Best programme on TV at the moment, coming from NI and living in England it's good to see some genuine NI humour. Roll on next series!

  16. jbone

    I really like london irish! is it cancelled??

  17. David Strickler

    This is what happens when a sports editor reviews a comedy. I'd like to be civil, here, but I think a tongue-in-cheek Fuck off! seems perfectly appropriate. It's very difficult to get UK humor here in the states, so I'm glad I found this show on YouTube. The more I watched it, the better it got, and I had the feeling it would have really found its footing had they been given a second series. Perhaps another channel will have the common sense and decency to give it a second chance.

  18. Louise C

    Don't know if it's been shown here before, I somehow doubt I would've missed it ! ... but anyway, they showed the 6 episodes on our pay tv Saturday night, I set it up to record them all, got so in to it, I watched 4 out of the 6 as tired as I was, haven't seen anything that hysterical for ages, one of the best comedy shows !
    I went looking tonight to find out more about it, only to find that there will be no more :( I am so pissed off !! I was really looking forward to seeing more.
    To those that couldn't see the humour, I feel sorry for you, I think the thing was not to analyse it, just watch it for what it was and have a good laugh :)

  19. B. Lodermeier

    This is a great show, and I am from the USA. I watch Channel 4 via vpn. Why has this show not been renewed for a second season?


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