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Shouts of ‘English scum out’ cancel Irish auction

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ANTI-English chants brought about the cancellation of an auction at a top Dublin hotel.

Sales staff were forced to call a halt to a firesale auction of repossessed properties in Ireland amid allegations they were racially abused with nasty anti-English remarks, some of which made reference to the Black and Tans.

More News:

Dozens of demonstrators took over the sales room in the luxury Shelbourne Hotel as auctioneers Allsop Space attempted to sell distressed homes and businesses.

A spokesman for the Irish registered company, affiliated to British auction house Allsop, alleged shouts of “English scum out” and “go back to England” were directed at staff, many of whom are Irish, it was reported.

Protest groups have denied the claims, saying its members stick to a code of conduct and that there was no evidence of racial abuse on video footage they recorded.

It is alleged staff were told to “go to hell” and references were made to “Black and Tans”.

Allsop Space said the event was cancelled in the interest of public safety and maintained 40 of the lots on its book were from private sellers.

Organisers believe the recent revelations in the leaked Anglo Irish Bank tapes, recorded in the weeks before the Irish Government bailed out the lender and other Irish banks, sparked the anger.

One seller said there was mayhem inside the auction hall, where up to 400 people — including buyers and protesters — had gathered ahead of the sale.

“It was shocking,” she said. “It got really nasty really quickly.”

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Nationality Clashes

In 2008, an English pipe fitter in Ireland who was racially abused in his workplace was awarded €20,000 in compensation.
The man, who worked for an engineering company on a Dublin building site, claimed colleagues called him names and frequently ganged-up on him to sing Irish rebel songs.

Some workers never spoke to him and whenever staff had to enter tanks or dangerous spaces they would say “send the Brit in”‘ to make the way safe.

Negative reports about England in newspapers and the performance of the country’s football team in the 2006 World Cup were also read out in his presence.

Two months after starting work the man was made redundant and said he was sacked instead of a less experienced Irish worker because he was British.

When the issue of redundancy arose he said one other worker stated aloud: “The Brit should be sacked and an Irish man should not be let go.”

Another said to the supervisor: “No Irish man is going out of the gate while we employ a Brit.”



Robert Mulhern

Robert is a freelance news and sports journalist. He is also the author of A Very Different County and creator/producer of Sex, Flights and Videotapes for RTE's Doc on One. Follow him @MulhernRobert on Twitter

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4 comments on “Shouts of ‘English scum out’ cancel Irish auction”

  1. mickpaddy

    no irishman or woman ever got paid anything for the endless insults over in england.they are still geting them too!!

  2. P Savage

    This article spends more space on the allegations of 'anti English' remarks. It does not inform the reader who was protesting, or why. The real story is not about alleged 'anti English' remarks, the story is about how a number of Irish people forced the auction house selling their private property without their permission to close. Many of the protesters are under threat of eviction, even though they are still trying to solve their individual cases with their banks.
    It was the hardworking and poor Irish people who will have to work for decades to pay off the bank bailout to the IMF. Now these same banks want to evict hardworking but poor Irish people.
    This is where the parallels with English Land Lords evicting poor Irish People in our past and now this English company Allsopp trying to sell people's homes now while they are still living in them. If those houses were sold Irish people would have been evicted from their homes.
    The Anglo Tapes added to the importance for people to do something but the main reason was resisting the sell-off of people's homes just so the banks can cash in early on the value of the house rather than have to wait another twenty years for a mortgage to be paid.
    The video which you didn't even link to the story is worth watching. This was a great day for Ireland and its people when the eviction was prevented. Whether it was an English company a Dutch company or an American company these auctions are leaving families homeless and some of the speakers are crying while speaking in favour or closing the auction.
    In the video from ‘Reality Ireland’ you will see the solidarity and community spirit that was in the auction hall, I didn't see any 'mayhem' as this article claims.

  3. Emma Hill

    While I was delighted to see the auction cancelled I thought the English bashing was way over the top. The guys lose all credibility when they start shouting this stuff

  4. Simon

    Can you pay the UK all our loans back?


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