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Scottish media accused of ignoring anti-Irish racism


THE SCOTTISH media has been accused of ignoring the “poison” of anti-Irish racism by a woman who suffered months of vicious abuse.

Glasgow-based journalist Angela Haggerty said she was appalled by the failure of Scottish media outlets to report that a bigoted podcast host who branded her “Taig of the Day” was convicted last week.

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“The media is supposed to expose these problems and I think it could be playing a huge role in tackling anti-Irish racism,” she said. “But that is not happening in Scotland. There is a big problem with the reporting of sectarianism here.”

David Limond (41), of Viewfield Court, Ayr, Ayrshire, was found guilty of sending a threatening communication aggravated by “racial and religious prejudice” on December 6 at Ayr Sheriff Court.

The 41-year-old featured Ms Haggerty in the “Taig of the Day” segment of his unofficial Rangers podcast on September 20, 2012.

He also gave out her Twitter details and encouraged listeners to abuse her online.

But Limond’s conviction was only reported in detail by local newspaper The Ayr Advertiser and as a paragraph at the end of a separate story in The Herald.

Angela Haggerty was subjected to vile abuse
Angela Haggerty was subjected to vile abuse

Ms Haggerty said she was bemused by the media’s near-blackout on a subject that remains “a poison” in Scottish society.

“With the David Limond case there is clearly a story there,” she explained. “Hate crime on Twitter is a big story at the moment, it involved a female and a male, there are all these human elements to it.

“But still the mainstream media failed to report it.”

Ms Haggerty’s outrage has been backed up by veteran media commentator Roy Greenslade.

In a post on his Guardian blog entitled “Why do the Scottish media avert their gaze from anti-Irish racism?” Mr Greenslade described Limond’s actions as “a hate crime”.

“If it had occurred in England involving a similar broadcast by an anti-Semite it certainly would not have passed under the mainstream media radar,” he added.

“But the Scottish media have averted their gaze. They dare not speak the name of a hate crime called anti-Irish racism.”

For the full story, see this week’s Irish Post – out Wednesday, December 18.


Niall O Sullivan

Niall O’Sullivan is a reporter at The Irish Post. You can follow him on @Niall_IrishPost on Twitter

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11 comments on “Scottish media accused of ignoring anti-Irish racism”

  1. paulo antony

    I laugh whenever I hear the quote "one Scotland many cultures " ....
    For the future of our kids this IS a poison in our communities that seriously needs addressed.
    Perhaps Alex Salmond can come up with a serious plan that can address and begin to eradicate this disease in our society.
    It starts in the home ....
    And has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with schooling .

  2. Ed Paisley

    Smugness and complacency rules when it comes to the anti Irish/Catholic bigotry problem in Scotland.

  3. John Mac

    While the man found guilty of this crime deserves everything he gets and more. I really think we should be careful as to what some people are classing as anti Irish racism in Scotland. They defend the singing of songs and banners that glorify the Provos. So when people point out that they are offended by the singing and banners certain journalists defend this and yet other people say anti Irish when in fact it is anti terrorist in reality. Anyone who commits an act of real anti Irish racism should feel the full force of the law

  4. Mick

    Agree about the failing of the media. But the Scottish government have got to be applauded for making it possible to charge this guy under the "threatening communications" law they passed.

  5. george

    whilst i condemn the actions of the perpretator of the crime i would question the va such concerns.

    the attack was on angela haggerty. its easy to google her name, follow her twitter account etc and form a judgement on how impartial she may be.

    same goes for good old Roy from the guardian and the journalist he quotes at the end of his article, phil mac.

    might be with your readers type in their names followed by ira. they would then have a more complete view of them as individuals and where their allegiances lie.

    of course if the readers have a preference to a warring world rather than a peaceful one then the individuals involved will be heroes.

    if like me, a scotsman living in scotland, you would rather ignore all this shit then i welcome such an attitude. commenting on such a non event to the majority of scots is pandering to the lowest common denominator in the human population.

    • Vince Docherty

      George you strike me as the kind of person who may well be an avid listener to Mr Limond's podcast.

  6. sillylittleboy

    Scotland is institutionally anti Irish racist

  7. Frances

    I remember reading this story on the BBC website the other day. If the BBC isn't mainstream enough, what is? Limmy fella got what was coming to him and faux outrage of Ms Haggerty and her followers, who court victimhood, was satisfied. So a good day all round for the Provo sympathisers. I am Glasgow born Irish. Limmy giving some Provo sympathiser abuse does not offend me anymore than members of the Irish community who openly support the Provos. Just like in Ireland most Glasgow Irish do not support the Provos and do not suffer regular abuse for being Irish. I love the country of my birth and I wish self-appointed, Provo sympathising, representatives of the Irish community would stop telling me and the world that the Scots hate us. They don't hate us. I don't even think they hate Provo sympathisers. Like me, most Scots are just fed up hearing about this nonsense between two groups of people who are welcome to each other. I can count on one hand the number of times I have had hassle for being Irish and they were British Nationalist not Scots (certainly not ones who are voting Yes next year). As for anti-Catholicism (different to anti-Irishness), again, I have had hassle from only a handful of people and they were all lapsed Catholics who support Celtic. Can the Irish Post please write an article that has nothing to do with the fringe element of soccer supporters. I know it sells papers but it also causes people to not buy a paper if it's the same predictable stuff each week. There are many stories about the Irish in Glasgow and Scotland that have nothing to do with victimhood and hostility to the host nation. I am Irish, Scottish, Catholic and a Celtic and GAA fan. They are all compatible and I am proud of all of them. They are all part of me. The BBC covered this story and I suspect most people weren't interested in it. Especially the Celtic fans like me who have had it with Ms Haggerty, that fella Phil Mac...., Green Brigade, etc. If you think my views are isolated, it is a regular opinion expressed by me and my extended family and friends including many who are season ticket holders at Celtic. I am becoming more convinced that there is a massive silent majority on this one and I was delighted when the Celtic board sent this lot to the four corners of the stadium and some out all together. They are becoming an increasingly embarrassing lot.
    Frances (busy Celtic Mum - too busy to write this but needed to say it)
    PS. Didn't the Limmy fella get convicted under the law that Ms Haggerty and her cronies say is criminalising their Irish cultural and political identity? That'll be right, cos everytime I visit Donegal we all head out and vandalise the local sports ground and then head off down to the local PIRA commemoration.

    • Lawman

      This is the most sensible comment I have ever read on this type of report, good to see some balance for a change.

    • John Mac

      Well said I am also RC and the only time I have had trouble because if my religion is from self appointed guardians who tell me I am a traitor because of the team I support.
      Time from the nonsense to stop

  8. arniebhoy

    John Mac,

    I'm guessing you support newco?

    People don't understand you being a RC and supporting a team who's whole support hate Catholics. Why is that hard to understand?


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