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Ireland’s postal service paints post boxes Royal Mail red and people are furious

Several Irish postboxes in Dublin underwent the sudden change. (Picture: Twitter/Emer Sugrue)
Several Irish postboxes in Dublin underwent the sudden change. (Picture: Twitter/Emer Sugrue)

IRISH people have reacted angrily after a number of freshly painted red post boxes popped up in Dublin overnight.

The boxes, which normally sport a vibrant shade of green, were re-painted by Irish postal service An Post on Sunday.

It is part of an Easter Rising history project being run by An Post – but people haven’t been pleased with the change.

More News:

Members of the public were quick to point out that the stunt is not an appropriate way to commemorate the Irish men and women who fought and died for Ireland’s independence.

The post boxes have been taken back in time to how they looked in 1916 when Ireland was under British rule.

Each box has been fitted with a free-text number and code word which when activated by phone will send an interactive video about what was witnessed at that particular post box on Easter week in 1916.

Six boxes have been painted so far at the Royal College of Surgeons, St Stephen’s Green, Grafton Street, Liberty Hall; Dun Laoghaire pier and Mount Street.

Several more to undergo the transformation this weekend at locations including the GPO on O’Connell Street.

Irish Twitter users were not happy with the new colour…

Many of the postboxes erected under British rule remain in Ireland today but were painted green when the country gained its independence from Britain.

The same is the case in many former British colonies – Hong Kong made the move last October to cover up the British monarch’s symbol on its postboxes, 18 years after gaining independence.


James Mulhall

James Mulhall is a reporter with The Irish Post. Follow him on Twitter @JamzMulhall

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20 comments on “Ireland’s postal service paints post boxes Royal Mail red and people are furious”

  1. robert

    Its another ploy by Fine Gael to make a Holy show of 1916.Wouldnt be surprised if John Bruton asked for itt???

  2. Mike Gill

    As long as they repaint them green when all the celebrations are over

  3. Geraldine Cowan

    There are people homeless and desperate in Europe and you lot are more worried about red paint! The Syrian people were not born refugees. 'Suffer the children......' and forget postboxes.

  4. Brian MacCormaic

    We might as well leave them red, for all this government or their Fianna Fáil counterparts care about our nation or its people - or for those who sacrificed their lives and liberty to gain our independence for that matter.

  5. Owen Mcentee

    Maybe they can rebuild Nelsons column?

  6. Ross

    To be honest our independence was not won in 1916 alone and was a culminated nation of many different events and actions . The painting of a few post boxes should be the least it our worries , especially considering the history we were taught in school which was a fallacy to the memories of so many more Irish men . We had a history before 1916

  7. Daniel

    I agree either person above more to worry about then red paint boxes as long as they repaint them green after the celebrations .
    Some me feiners just never get it and don't speak for all of the diaspora of indeed all those on the Island

  8. raymond devitt

    People should boycott an post its a disgrace

  9. Tracey

    Is this temporary?

  10. John Joseph Conroy

    Se an rud is measa faoi na daoine a daoradh chun bais i 1916 na go bhuil an teanga Sassanach i mbeil gach duine agus dearmad deanta ar ar d-teanga fhein. 'Se an Piarsach a chum an raitis "Gan teanga gan tir" - meastu a rachach se chun a bhais chomh brodiul sin da m-beach fios aige go ligfeadh muid ar dteanga chun bais?

  11. Des

    How about painting all the post boxes in the North green?

  12. Kevin Corrigan

    God im an Anglo Irish Postman from Birmingham you are making out Red Post Boxes in Ireland are as bad as Swastikas on walls in Tel long as they go back to green after the celebrations does it matter ??

  13. Johno

    Yeah, I refuse to open any letters sent to me because,
    Down with this sort of thing.

    Fecking eejit.

  14. Mike norris

    We are a Nation of Whingers n would Ye All ever Get a Life & Stop Complaining about the Colour of a Few Shagging Letter Boxes & Move On! !!!.

  15. Christopher Styles

    "a number of freshly painted red post boxes popped up over night" is, I think not quite right. Surely they were already there but in green. Or did they miraculously spring out of the ground like the ressurected undead sentinels of British rule?

  16. Maureen

    I think the 1916 committee were just trying to draw attention to the free text code and the option to receive a video of the history of that particular location. If the boxes were green most would not notice. I am sure they will revert to green after the commenerations are over. More important things going on like terrorism. Get over it folks.

  17. des kennedy

    only for britian the irish govm would have no where to chase our unemployed britian looked after the paddys when they had nothing never return emigrant

  18. des kennedy

    ye have little to moan about what colour bleady post boxes are painted more like say a prayer for all the atrocities /happening all over the world death and destruction of human lives for nothing say prayers on easter week rather than moan

    • Mungo's Mammy

      I object to the painting of the post boxes and also object to the British soldiers names' going alongside those of the Irish dead on the wall in Glasnevin. What shocks me is that a) this has occurred & b) we haven't stood on our hind legs and put a stop to this. The irony, of course, is that these offences have occurred on the centenary and because of the centenary. However, it does not mean that because I or others have objected to the painting etc., that we care any less about homelessness, war, poverty, refugees and the need for food banks. It is rather condescending to make such a grand assumption don't you think?

  19. Paul Casey

    Post boxes looking fab in red. So much nicer than leprechaun green. Love it :-)


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