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Poldark’s Aidan Turner hot favourite as next James Bond

Aiden Turner scrubs up nicely for And Then There Were None (Picture: (C) Mammoth Screen - Photographer: Robert Viglasky)
Aidan Turner scrubs up nicely for And Then There Were None (Picture: (C) Mammoth Screen – Photographer: Robert Viglasky)

AIDAN Turner is one of the hottest prospects in line to take over the reigns as the next James Bond. 

The 32-year-old Dubliner – who stars in the BBC’s BAFTA-nominated drama Poldark – has been tipped to succeed Daniel Craig as the famous 007 agent.

Also in the running to follow in the footsteps of former Irish Bond Pierce Brosnan are fellow countrymen Colin Morgan and Michael Fassbender.

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Further contenders hoping to don the iconic black tuxedo and bow tie include: Idris Elba (Luther), Damian Lewis (Homeland) and Tom Hiddleston (Avengers).

Legend actor Tom Hardy – whose mother is Irish – is also one of the frontrunners for the iconic spy role.

It is understood that Craig chose to step down from the Bond role after four films to focus on his part in a new US television series.

Bookies Paddy Power currently offer the following odds on who will take over as the next James Bond:

Tom Hiddleston 2/1

Tom Hardy 9/4

Idris Elba 5/1

Damian Lewis 7/1

Aidan Turner 8/1

Henry Cavill 14/1

Michael Fassbender 20/1

Richard Armitage 25/1

Sam Riley 25/1

Orlando Bloom 25/1


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11 comments on “Poldark’s Aidan Turner hot favourite as next James Bond”

  1. Yes!

    Colin Morgan, all the way!!!

    • D

      Jesus he is an ugly little thing.

  2. Stephen Hill

    He Looks like Ian Fleming's photo fit of his ideal Bond

  3. Another Vote for Colin Morgan

    I like the idea of Colin Morgan. Fleming didn't intend his Bond to be a chiseled beefcake, rather an intelligent, distinguished gentleman. Colin Morgan is certainly tall, dark, and handsome, but he is also dapper, intelligent and gentlemanly. I think it would be great if they went with him, Bond movies would open up to a whole other fanbase if they get Colin Morgan on board.

  4. Emma

    Jude Law. perfect for it. why not listed?

    • D

      Aidan all the way. He has the looks and the charm and omg he can actually act. Hiddelston is too give me give me give me. Hardy is too short and apeish just like Craig, no difference there.

  5. D

    Oh and Aidan has been the only one flown out to meet with Ms. Brocoli and the other producer. along with the movie people getting him a house on the canal 😉 He flew out to meet with them as soon as Poldark finished filming series 2 and missed his own awards ceremony, his producer for Poldark dropped the now infamous, comment about Bond ... while picking his award up and sources in Hollywood have him tagged for the role. He IS what the franchise needs to bring it out of its geriatric trend.

  6. brainy82

    Colin Morgan can morph in to any character. I would love to see him as Bond. So yummy.

  7. Aimee

    It's a no-brainer. Colin Morgan would be a great Bond. When he dedicates himself to a role, you get nothing but the best.

  8. Kate

    Is it April Fools Day? The idea of Colin Morgan as James Bond is the most ridiculous and laughable suggestion ever. Lol!

  9. Otto von Heidelberg

    Turner 100%. The rest are just also-rans like BOLT and the other stragglers. As for Craig, he added a palpable emotional depth (not sure if that is a plus for a killer) and was superb in Skyfall and Spectre and Royale. His interaction with Vesper was extremely well acted ( you could see he enjoyed playing the role there) and the chemistry was "genuine" and she was the best Bond girl ever. However, having so much and showing so much disrespect for the role subsequently, really means that Spectre SHOULD be Craig's last film. His attitude towards the role rules him out as the greatest 007. NO ONE equals Connery and no one ever will. He definitely felt SURE about himself (sexually unlike Craig's character) and communicated that assurance that the women would enjoy his joystick as well. He had confidence as HE was the quintessential "Black Tie" with a mean streak, yet who would pass in a Gentleman's Lounge of the highest order, combining raw tenacity and fire-power with old fashioned and winning CHARM. He is also a perfect fit in an Aston DB5 and who else could swing a golf club like he does and light up a cigarette and say ..."Bond, James Bond..." without revealing a thing and yet puts all counter agents on guard? Shaw the Russian whose ignorance with fish and red wine was the toughest adversary and 007's step brother was the meanest. May the show go on!


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