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Jeremy Clarkson apologises to Oisin Tymon after settlement is reached in racial discrimination case

Jeremy Clarkson allegedly punched Mr Tymon in March. (Photo: Getty Images)
Jeremy Clarkson allegedly punched Mr Tymon in March. (Photo: Getty Images)

OISIN Tymon has settled his racial discrimination and injury claim against Jeremy Clarkson and the BBC.

The exact details of the settlement have not been made public, but the payment is believed to be in the region of £100,000.

Jeremy Clarkson, the former Top Gear presenter has also apologised to BBC producer Tymon over a “unprovoked physical and verbal assault” which occurred while filming Top Gear in Yorkshire last March.

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Clarkson became enraged when he was told the  hotel kitchen providing catering was closed and no hot food was available.

A BBC investigation found that the presenter then subjected Tymon to a 30-second physical and verbal attack.

The incident was broken up by fellow presenters James May and Richard Hammond.

Clarkson reportedly called Tymon a “lazy Irish c***”, the basis for the racial discrimination element of the claim.

Tymon’s lip burst when Clarkson punched him, and he drove himself to a nearby hospital for medical attention.Initially Tymon

Initially, Tymon said he would not press charges but later filed a racial discrimination and injury claim.

In a statement following the settlement, the presenter apologised to Tymon. “I would like to say sorry, once again, to Oisin Tymon for the incident and its regrettable aftermath,” Clarkson said.

“I want to reiterate that none of this was in any way his fault.

“I would also like to make it clear that the abuse he has suffered since the incident is unwarranted and I am sorry too that he has had to go through that.

“I am pleased that this matter is now resolved. Oisin was always a creatively exciting part of Top Gear and I wish him every success with his future projects.”

The estimated £100,000 payment will be settled by both Clarkson and the BBC, but with Clarkson making the major contribution.

Tymon spent several months off work at the BBC but is now understood to have returned.

A BBC spokesman said: “Oisin is a valued member of the BBC who behaved with huge integrity in dealing with the very difficult circumstances last year – a situation in which, as Tony Hall has stated, he was completely blameless.

“We are pleased that matters have now been resolved. Oisin has made an important contribution to the BBC in his 12 years with us, and we hope to see him continue to realise his potential in his role as a development executive.

“We believe Oisin has a very exciting future at the BBC.”


Mal Rogers

Mal Rogers is a columnist and reporter with The Irish Post

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One comment on “Jeremy Clarkson apologises to Oisin Tymon after settlement is reached in racial discrimination case”

  1. declan adams

    Now there seems to be no doubt that this vile man (who has previously let his anti Irish feelings known) said lazy Irish C
    If he had made such a comment about the Black, Asian orJewish community, the BBC and the British public would not have stood for if and the personal communities involved would has seen to it that he had to flee the country!
    He should be buried the way Kilroy Silk was. As a community we take things far too easily. The Irish Post will know how to get things started, lets get a campaign going to get this man banned from our screens (look at his latest add where he jokes about the situation, probably paid more than the the damages payment) See if we can't get some big names involved MPs celeberities, the Emmbassy COME ON THE IRISH COMMUNITY LETS MAKE A STAND COME ON THE IRISH POST


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