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Irish student killed after falling through roof of Thai shopping centre

Stephen Clifford
Stephen Clifford

AN IRISH student has died in a tragic accident in Thailand after falling through a shopping mall roof.

21-year-old Stephen Timothy Clifford, who was from Carryduff in Co Down, fell from the roof of the closed Kad Suan Kaew shopping mall in the city of Chiang Mai on Sunday.

According to media reports in Thailand, Mr Clifford had been drinking at a pub in the city in the north of the country late on Sunday night.

More News:

He was reported to have got into a verbal argument with a female friend at around 5am on Sunday before being seen on CCTV footage arguing with another man just over an hour later.

Police in Thailand say that Mr Clifford tried to get into the shopping mall by jumping fences and then getting on the roof.

According to reports, the roof over the electricity room could not hold his weight.

He appears to have fallen through the roof from the first floor and died upon impact with the electrical generator machinery at ground level.

A security guard told Thai police that he saw two “foreigners” standing next to the mall shortly before the tragedy. He said both men looked drunk.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London have confirmed to the Belfast Telegraph that they are providing assistance to Mr Clifford’s family.


Steve Cummins

Steve is the Irish Post's digital media & entertainment editor and looks after the paper's website and weekly entertainment supplement, Rí-Rá. Follow him @steve_cummins

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7 comments on “Irish student killed after falling through roof of Thai shopping centre”

  1. Rebecca

    He was drunk and he tried to break into a Thai shopping mall. That's why he died.

    Sad, of course, and a complete waste of a life but what is it with so many British tourists that they cannot control their alcohol consumption? You only have to look at how many Brits fall off Spanish balconies every year. What has the UK become? A nation of alcoholics?

    • Leila

      Absolutely disgusting that people who have no idea about the situation decide to give their comments based on believing everything the media print!

      Every report given until today was incorrect, he was not drunk, he was not trying to break in anywhere and I know this as absolute fact.

      Your disgusting comment shows the ignorance and naiviety of people with regards to the media, and has ultimately led to his poor mother having to speak out to defend her son and provide the truth having seen the CCTV footage for herself.

      Shame on you and anyone else who thinks it's ok to give their opinions based upon complete untruths in the media.

    • jj

      First of all u weren't there so instead assuming and sounding ignorant why don't u just pay respect to someone who lost there life..the media reports what catches peoples attention. If u would of read the other articles shows on cctv he wasn't drunk or arguing with anyone..he was just a kid traveling the world..actually living and seeing it..

  2. Mairead Emmanson

    Rebecca thanks for your insight into what happened. Firstly may I say you know absolutely nothing about this young man and the circumstances surrounding his tragice death and secondly I think its extremely rude of you to tar him with the same brush as you so nicely put it "a nation of alcoholics".
    This young man was generous, well mannered, & loving the list could go on. He had just been in Costa Rica working to help stop poachers of endangered sea turtles.
    Drink may well have been involved but he most certainly was not a lager lout.
    I am honoured to say this amazing human being was my little cousin. Our entire family are in a state of shock, disbelief and grief and I would thank you to keep your opinion on the matter to yourself. I also hope god keeps something like this away from your own family.

  3. William King

    I feel sorry for his family, even if he was being a bit silly. That's yoof anyway.


  4. Paul

    Rebecca, no he was not trying to break into a shopping mall and wasnt that drunk, idiot get your facts right

  5. Philippa

    I usually ignore people who trawl the Internet for news stories which they can spew their uninformed, judgemental opinions upon, as they are not even worth acknowledging.

    However, as a longtime friend of Steve's extended family, I cannot tell you how utterly offensive I find your comments Rebecca. How dare you cast judgment upon a situation you know nothing about. The family are obviously devastated enough as it is, but on top of that they now have to defend their son after being faced with pious, holier than thou, completely unjustified opinions such as yours.

    Might I politely suggest that your time could be better spent doing something other than whispering nasty judgemental comments behind the safety and anonymity of yor computer keyboard.

    I'm heartbroken for the whole family. RIP Steve.


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