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Irish people’s classic answers to Turkish man who asked advice about moving to Cork online

The Kelly twins came from Cork City to London. Picture via Ireland's Content Pool

WITH two weeks to go before touching down in the Emerald Isle, a man with the user name ‘bonjukes’ posted a question on Reddit to get some information about Ireland.

The man, from Istanbul, wanted Irish people could give him some tips on “cultural things” in Ireland and Cork, where he is moving to work and live.

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The post received hundreds of responses from Irish people offering tips and other foreigners who lived in Cork. Some were factual, some hilarious.

Read what people said in reply below…


1. When Irish people start to make fun or “slag you” you, take it as a compliment. It means they feel very comfortable around you and it’s a sign of affection really

2. Good luck with the Cork accent. It’s a fun one. A lot of Irish cities have a small-town feel, so I wouldn’t be worried about that, but communicating could be a challenge if English is your second language

3. “Whatever you do don’t refer to Cork as small or a town when you get there. They’re very touchy about that sort of thing.”

4. Five things I learned on my study abroad there: 1. “Your man” means “That guy”. 2. “Your one” means “That chick”. 3. If you order ‘a pint’ it’s assumed you mean a Guinness. 4. They love The Simpsons. 5. Their children are generally pyromaniacs, at least in Dublin. Also: It’s pronounced “Cark”

5. Offhand, we’re warm and friendly people, and quite informal. Also, don’t refer to Ireland as being in the British Isles.

6. I came from the countryside to Dublin, used to always handshake and was always told by my parents to handshake. Noticed in Dublin it’s a lot more formal to do. Like I’d be introduced to a friend of a friend and I’d shake hands and they would comment ‘O very formal’. I don’t do it as much and I appreciate it’s a bit more of an ‘old man’ thing to do but I like it.

7. In Cork you may well get “Story?” or “Story, girl?” to which the response is “Story!” Also you can use boy or girl to address your great-grandparents or the bank manager, Cork is mad like that.

8. Irish people are mostly friendly, just don’t associate us with the British. Irish people talk in riddles. We never give a straight answer. Be prepared for rain.



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