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Irish couple fundraising to restore beautiful 16th century Tullaun Castle in Tipperary

tipperary castle-n
Tullaun Castle in Tipperary (Photo: Facebook/

AN Irish couple are fundraising to restore a 16th century Tipperary castle so that it can be enjoyed by future generations.

Sonja Bergin and her husband Kevin have decided to restore Tullaun Castle.

In 2013, undertook the project to prevent the castle from suffering further damage.

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A screenshot of the fundraising page showing Kevin during restoration work

To date the pair has raised around £3,200 out of their targeted £6,200 fund – which they will use for one of the final stages of the project.

The money will go towards repairing the castle’s spiral stairs in order to provide safe access for visitors.

You can make a donation here 

Ms Bergin said: “Before we can safely afford visitors access to the upper floors, [our hurdle] is to repair the spiral staircase so that we can offer what we’re calling an Overknight Experience in a genuine medieval tower house, thereby allowing Tullaun Castle to become self-sustaining.”

After three years of hard work, the castle now boasts a refurbished second-story chamber with a stone-vaulted ceiling and a carved fireplace.

The exterior is also lined with lime mortar ensuring that it’s waterproof for the first time in three hundred years.

Take a look around the castle below:


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5 comments on “Irish couple fundraising to restore beautiful 16th century Tullaun Castle in Tipperary”

  1. Ossie John

    Hi Kevin and Sonja

    Your efforts, passion and commitment to take on such a large restoration is impressive. As an expat from across the water am (I think I speak for many) always trying to keep updated as regards the latest happenings in the 'ould sod'. After listening to your video clip I find your story hearting indeed uplifting which hopefully with the help of neighbours, local council, tourist board and the government (whoever that may be) will get behind and assist you in bringing life back into the old place again!

  2. Ann McCoy

    Good luck to you! I too believe your country should be wanting to help protect & preserve these beautiful " leftovers" as part of Ireland's cultural past. I'm proud you were willing to take on this massive project to restore something that others have chose to ignore in the past, I will continue to follow your site & watch for success

  3. j Throssell

    Kevin and Sonja, you are amazing - I am always impressed at the time you find to take a break from your efforts to show people around - you are so generous with your time.. Your passion and ability seem endless and I am looking forward to another visit this year.

  4. Robyn.aylward

    Sonja, Australian born must be a great asset to Ireland . This is her and Kevin's second renovation, the first renovation, the country farm house was near derelict in 1992. I saw a photo of this old farm house and thought they must be bonkers. Only in 2011 they won the the renovation of the year from Period Living Magazine for the whole of Ireland and the UK!
    Later on,the two bought Tullaun Castle in Tipperary and once again I thought they must be bonkers!
    But after seeing their first renovation and the garden! his passion and his standard of workmanship, I now know this couple can do and achieve anything they put their minds to! Passion, Imagination , Muscle, wonderful attributes doing a wonderful, wonderful job. I am very proud to have been able to help them in their great efforts of giving Ireland's wonderful and unique buildings a new life that will remain long after we have gone. The bottom line line is, this couple is a wonderful asset to Ireland and inspiration to all of us.

  5. Robyn.aylward

    I would like to second that Kevin and Sonja are amazing
    Did a post earlier not posted by IP so this one is short and sweet


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