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Landlord forced to squat in his home

An Irish landlord has been left squatting in his own home after being “forced” from his pub by property developers.

Dennis Murphy claims he was left with no option but to shut up show when property developers exploited a legal technicality to double his rent at The Sovereign.

But with nowhere else to go, he is now squatting at his 19-year home. As developers pursue a court order to have him evicted, the Cork man says:  “This has been a very traumatic experience. I do not know what morning they are going to come and turf me out.”


Second generation Irish swell the EDL ranks, claims leader

STEPHEN Lennon has hit out at claims he is ‘the Irish face of the English Defence League’, saying he feels “no connection” to Ireland.

Mr Lennon also defended comments he published online about taking on “plastic paddies” by bringing a “tidy mob” to last week’s friendly game between England and Ireland at Wembley. He claimed it was only “banter” he was having with a friend and said he was not even at the football match.

The 30-year-old went on to make a number of other claims:

  • If he was at the match, he would not have hesitated to sing the anti-Catholic hate song No Surrender because “it is part of the English history”.
  • A large number of those who joined the EDL when it was set up in Luton in 2009 were second generation Irish.
  • The EDL would only target Irish community groups in Britain if they used “IRA slogans” or sang “IRA songs”.
  • The extreme group has no problem with the Irish in Britain “as long as they have integrated”.


The Irish online accommodation bureau

Every year more Irish people leave Ireland for London with no place to stay. Katy Harrington speaks to some of the latest arrivals about their attempt to find a flat, friends and work through the medium of Gumtree.


Irish charities pitch in to help half a million relying on food banks

More than half a million people in Britain are relying on food banks to stave off hunger, two leading British charities have claimed.

In this week’s Irish Post, we report on Britain’s growing hunger crisis, which has been blamed on the Government’s benefit reforms.

We also speak to a Dublin-born priest who runs a food bank in Hertfordshire. “We are finding that people who would not normally be in trouble are now in trouble,” he says.


No special treatment for the latest Irish arrivals

Irish migrants arriving on these shores are the most vulnerable to leave Ireland, according to a leading charity.

Contrary to widespread that Facebook, Twitter and Skype are taking the sting out of emigration, Alex McDonnell of the Aisling Return to Ireland Project also claims that social media is masking the reality of their experiences.


Minister breathes life into anti-smoking campaign

Next time you’re passing through the duty free at Dublin airport and want to pick up a packet of Bensons or Marlboros, don’t be surprised if you find an image fir for a horror movie staring back at you.

That is because Ireland has become the first European country to clamp down on cigarette packaging, The Irish Post reports.


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