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In the week’s Irish Post (out now)

Irish Post


Outrage as mob torch Tricolour

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Sectarian tensions have erupted in Merseyside as video footage showing a mob torching an Irish flag outside an Orange Lodge emerged online over the weekend.

The Irish Post reports on the disturbing footage and gets the reaction of Merseyside Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy.


Outpouring of grief as good samaritan is laid to rest

A devastated Manchester community has turned out for the funeral of young good samaritan Sean Lyons, who was found dead just hours after attempting to save the victim of a brutal street attack.


NHS hospital plans to ‘market’ abortion to women in Ireland

An NHS hospital in Liverpool has been condemned for planning to market its abortion services to women in Ireland.

The proposal could breach Irish law and, insofar as it attempts to boost termination numbers, is contrary to the spirit of Britain’s Abortion Act, says one Catholic pressure group.


Coming back from the brink

Within weeks of setting foot in Britain, Kevin Murray was a suicidal “shadow of a man”, walking the streets with one eye constantly looking over his shoulder.

The Dubliner opens up to Fiona Audley about his troubled past and explains how he managed to battle back from the brink with the help of a Liverpool-Irish charity.


Environment Agency victory

A Co. Donegal man who made millions from his illegal landfill has been given Britain’s longest ever prison sentence for fly-tipping.

Hugh O’Donnell is still serving the four-year jail term handed down to him in 2011 for money laundering and waste crimes associated with the dumping ground he ran in Reading. But that has not stopped the Environment Agency pursuing the 65-year-old for yet another conviction as it seeks to hold him up as an example to other waste offenders.


Why is a rock group allowed to dictate to the Irish Government?

Democracy is under threat in Ireland and Irish Post columnist Joe Horgan is angry. Not only has control of the country been handed from Leinster House to the IMF and ECB, he says, but even Bono seems to have more sway in running Ireland than the Taoiseach has.


Nourishing body and soul in Africa

Sarah Murphy reports on the harsh reality of everyday life in Malawi and the work done by Irish charity Concern.


Tralee repays emigrants by helping them move home

A Co. Kerry council is set to offer a token of appreciation to the Irish in Britain who poured their hard-earned cash into Ireland during the 60s and 70s.


Galloway would make Irish key to London Mayor bid

George Galloway would make winning the support of London’s Irish community a key priority if he enters the running for London Mayor – a possibility he is “very seriously” considering – the MP tells The Irish Post.

Such a move would mark an important departure from the attitude of Boris Johnson, under whom the Irish “have not had a look-in”, he says.


Pub landlords in David v Goliath fight for survival

Pub owners in Britain, including scores of Irish men and women, are locked in a “David versus Goliath” battle with pub management companies, reports Robert Mulhern.


The new faces of Irish fashion

The female fashionistas behind an exhibition showcasing the best Irish designers emerging across the globe speak to The Irish Post in London a week before their ambitious project – RIAN – gets its official unveiling.


Abuse inquiry sets deadline for victims to come forward

Time is running out for the team tasked with investigating the hidden horror of child abuse in the North of Ireland, according to the chairman of the investigation.


Irish Post

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One comment on “In the week’s Irish Post (out now)”

  1. Ian

    Sectarian tensions? Don't make me laugh. The Orders walk. The RFB walk. Each have their day in March and July - neither bother each other on the day. Republicans litter the City with anti Orange graffiti. The Orange burn flags. The following day they go to work together. Keep your sectarian hate down there please.


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