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Fianna Fáil leads reader’s poll on vote from abroad

Fianna Fail party leader Michael Martin speaking at the party Ard Fheis last April
Fianna Fail party leader Michael Martin speaking at the party Ard Fheis last April

VOTE early and vote often. That mantra has been at the root of many successful Fianna Fáil campaigns.

Could it be that this wily celebrated campaign method has landed the soldiers of destiny back at the very top where they believe they belong?

On Thursday, August 29, The Irish Post set up an online poll asking our readers overseas who they would vote for, if allowed, in an Irish General Election.

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The poll was cast against the backdrop of the Constitutional Convention and the campaign for an overseas vote in Presidential Elections for Irish citizens living abroad.

Poll results on Monday, September 2 shown on a pie chart

By 4pm on Monday, September 2, 230 votes had been cast and Fianna Fáil were limping along in second place with a share of just over 20 per cent.

Sinn Féin were by far and away the leading party with a 43.5 share of the vote, with Fine Gael, Labour and the Green Party all returning single figure scores.

Later that afternoon, an Irish Post journalist interviewed Fianna Fáil Senator Mark Daly in relation to our story about the increase in the number of people emigrating from Ireland.

No mention of the poll was made but the Fianna Fáil vote enjoyed something of an electrical surge in the hours that followed, doubling, trebling and eventually, quadrupling their tally.

By the time the poll closed on Friday, September 6 at 3pm, Fianna Fáil had claimed 183 of the 481 votes cast, which converted into a pavement-pounding-Bertie Ahern-like 38 per cent of the total share, followed by Sinn Féin, runaway leaders, now demoted into second place with just under 33 per cent with 158 votes cast.

Poll results on Friday, September 6 shown in a pie chart

Fine Gael, Labour and the Greens achieved a collective 92 votes between them which converts into 34, 28 and 28 per cent respectively.

The number of people who said they would abstain from voting abroad was 48.


Robert Mulhern

Robert is a freelance news and sports journalist. He is also the author of A Very Different County and creator/producer of Sex, Flights and Videotapes for RTE's Doc on One. Follow him @MulhernRobert on Twitter

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2 comments on “Fianna Fáil leads reader’s poll on vote from abroad”

  1. david o'reilly

    I followed the poll and am glad to see the reporting here refreshingly addresses the obvious. The SF support was steady and would have overtaken the FF support again if the poll had run another few days

    • Ger

      Im sorry but FF got the country into the state its in and those of us living here are paying for it, and their current leader was in the party with Bertie and all the other crooks who fleeced the country for all its worth FG are made to look bad as they have had to deal with the hardships set upon the country. If you don't live here and pay the huge taxes then you should not be allowed to vote!!!!!


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