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Corkman flabbergasts an American visiting Ireland with his accent in selfie video

facebookAN American visiting Ireland over the St Patrick’s Day holiday was both amazed and amused by the sound and speed of the legendary Cork accent. 

Jordan Lyford asked Corkman Joseph O’Donovan to demonstrate the wonderful Cork accent, recorded the whole thing on his phone and posted it to Facebook.

Scroll down to watch the video…

While most of those who saw the video admitted they couldn’t’ understand much of what O’Donovan said, they loved listening to him speak.

More Entertainment:

O’Donovan helpfully wrote out his monologue (which you can read below) but we think it’s much more fun to watch him say it.

Here’s the translation: “Well boss how are you getting on? So, in Cork, basically everybody, all the men are known as a boy, and all the girls are know as a bure. So, you’d have a feen, who would be a small young fella. You’d have a lackeen and a sublick, who would be a small boy and a small girl.

But when you talk, the more you talk, the faster and faster and faster you talk, the faster, the faster the faster you talk and the faster you talk, the faster you get on a bus, and if you get on the bus, you gotta pay the money. You get on the bus, you say, “hey mister bus driver, how’s it going? Where’s this bus going?”

The bus doesn’t stops where you want to go. The bus driver is going to stop somewhere else. You want to get off the bus. You say, “this is the wrong bus stop!”

“Hang on a second there, look at your man over there, what’s he looking at? I’ll tell you now, look at me like that again and I’ll give you a box in the head.” “Give me a box in the head? No, no, no box in the head. No, no, no! I’ll tell you know, you’re my buddy.” “Yeah all right, boy, no bothers. We’ll go for a drink. We’ll have a pint of Guinness, and we’ll talk about it then. Nice one. Cork Rocks!”

Happy Paddy’s Day! ? The Cork accent is the best, let me know how much of this you can understand.? #ARCIreland

Posted by Jordan Lyford on Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Katy Harrington

Katy Harrington is Digital and Features Editor at The Irish Post. Follow her on Twitter @tweetkatyh

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One comment on “Corkman flabbergasts an American visiting Ireland with his accent in selfie video”

  1. peter hill

    the way the accent changes from Waterford to Allihies is quite a thing.


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