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Colin Farrell leaves Holly Willoughby red-faced

holly willoughby-n
Phillip Schofield (left) teased Holly Willoughby about her celebrity crush

COLIN Farrell’s charm left Holly Willoughby red-faced during an interview on This Morning earlier this week.

The TV presenter appeared to lose control and blushed after co-host Phillip Schofield teased her about her crush on the Irish actor.

After the pre-recorded Farrell interview aired on the ITV show, Willoughby said: “I loved his openness and his honesty, it’s really rare. And he just sat there like an open book.”

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Attempting to play match-maker, Schofield jokingly responded that he spotted the spark between the pair and said, “I think he loved you as well actually.

“Sometimes you sit and watch and go ‘ooh, here we go again’. Just a couple of times, we’ve mentioned it on here before where it’s crackle, crackle, crackle of (electricity).”

Clearly embarrassed, Willoughby answered by hitting him with a cushion and said: “Am I bright red? I’m really trying to hold it together, but I can’t.”

She then continued to insist that she did not fancy the handsome Irishman: “No, but he’s very attractive and he might be added to my list.”

Colin Farrell

During the interview Farrell spoke of how fatherhood has taught him the meaning of true happiness.

Currently starring in Saving Mr Banks, the 37-year-old said his life is much richer since the arrival of his children and his time in rehab in 2005.

“Back then I had no ability to understand the idea of contentment and I don’t mean being smug about how great everything is, I mean true contentment.

“Now I have a bit more of an idea being a dad and stuff and engaging with that.”

Both of his sons, James, 10, and Henry, 4, live with him part-time in Los Angeles, and he added that despite being an unconventional family unit it works for them.

“They have recently got over the fact that neither of them is leaving because they don’t live together with me all the time.

“They don’t have the same mother. But it all works. There is no right or wrong. You make it work.”

Farrell described his eldest son, James, who has a neuro-genetic condition, as an extraordinary child.

“James has a thing called Angelman Syndrome. It is a neuro-genetic condition that affects motor skills and speech. He took his first steps when he was four years of age.

“He has no verbal speech; he has a greater ability with receptive language. He understands things and directions and so on. He is an extraordinary, extraordinary boy.”


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