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Charles Moore’s Daily Telegraph article generates backlash for likening Easter Rising rebels to Brussels bombers

Journalist Charles Moore has received a social media backlash following his comparison of the Easter Rising to ISIS
Charles Moore faced social media backlash following his provocative article about the Easter Rising (Picture: YouTube)

A CONTROVERSIAL article published in the Daily Telegraph newspaper and online has likened some of Ireland’s 1916 Easter Rising rebels to two of the suicide bombers who blew themselves up in Brussels last week.

The Eton and Cambridge-educated journalist Charles Moore cites the example of one of the leaders of The Easter Rising, Padraig Pearse and his brother Willie, next to that of terrorists Ibrahim and Khalid al-Bakraoui, the brothers who helped plan and execute the Brussels attacks that have now taken at least 35 lives.

Islamic State has since claimed responsibility for the attacks.

More News:

Moore writes: “Among those rebels executed by the British shortly after Pearse was his devoted brother, Willie. In Brussels last week, a pair of brothers, Ibrahim and Khalid al-Bakraoui, detonated two of the three bombs which killed 31 people.”

Moore also claims that the name Easter Rising “contains the central blasphemy of terrorist acts committed in the name of God.”

In a scathing opinion piece, Moore says that the event was a religiously motivated assault on a “parliamentary democracy and slaughter among one’s own people.”

An excerpt of the article reads:

In the phrase “Easter Rising” is contained the central blasphemy of terrorist acts committed in the name of God. What has the resurrection of the Prince of Peace got to do with trying to shoot the British out of Ireland?

Moore continues:

Patrick Pearse, the rising’s leader, who proclaimed the republic outside the General Post Office, suffered from what Yeats called “the vertigo of self-sacrifice”. He had a homoerotic vision of the macaomh, the beautiful young scholar warrior who would die for his country – half the Irish mythical hero Cuchullain, half Jesus. The night before he was shot by a British firing squad, Pearse wrote a mawkish poem comparing the Virgin Mary’s loss of her son to his own death.

The former Telegraph editor also questions if in 100 years’ time the Muslim world will celebrate Islamic State’s barbaric acts in a similar way to last week’s Rising commemorations.

He asks: “must it take another century before a comparable questioning of supposedly holy killing comes to dominate the Muslim world?”

Moore is the former editor of the Telegraph and Spectator. He is also the author of former British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher’s biography, entitled Margret Thatcher: The Authorized Biography, released in 2013.

The article has received a substantial backlash on social media from Irish and British people alike.

Take a look at some of the reaction below…

You can read the full article here




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9 comments on “Charles Moore’s Daily Telegraph article generates backlash for likening Easter Rising rebels to Brussels bombers”

  1. Stuart

    Moore is a cockwomble of the first magnitude. We have to endure bilge like this all the time

  2. Hugh

    To the Eton and Cambridge 'educated' Charles Moore, as an Irishman living and working in Britain on British exports to the EU and abroad, I consider myself a West-Brit Irishman as I have learned to love and espouse the British way of life. I thought I had left behind me, any remnants of my Irish upbringing that were not in concert with being and feeling British. However, the shortcomings, journalistically, of your 'piece' in my favourite journal, The Telegraph, left my blood simmering with rankle and disdain. Have you ignored or forgotten the reason why any Irishman or Irishwoman would want to govern themselves following the famine which our protectors and betters thought to ignore despite a sufficiency of harvest in our own country to forestall the starvation and diaspora that followed? Do you still not see why our struggle with Britain was just and reasonable up to the point where you shelved Home Rule? Are you incapable of sufficient, independent and rational thought to distinguish between a people who had suffered enough under the British yoke and those who wish to split the entire Western World because of our loose association with a non-Islamist religion? You have singularly failed to understand the difference between the ideology of so called ISIS and what was in fact a legitimate demand for self governance by a country over which you had no divine right of governance, and in which you had demonstrated an ability to regard its inhabitants as second-class humans for whom you had no instinct of patronage. You betray your education, your journal and your magnanimous people with your tripe and I, for one, will no longer be buying thenTelegraph, though I hate to think what drivel I shall end up reading of a weekend!

  3. Matt

    as a great grandson of somebody involved in running guns for the 1916 rising, I could find nothing in Charles Moore's article to disagree with, particularly on the subject of Pearse who bears the hallmarks of a world-class creep. So much so that in a perverse way the British did us a favour by shooting him, not for the reason most people think, that Pearse's (and the others') executions precipitated a change in public opinion, but rather because it rid the country of a proto-fascist ideologue who would probably have plunged the country into even greater chaos and bloodshed than that which actually ensued. Moore's views may be unfashionable but that does make him wrong.

  4. Marie

    You are obviously a troll, either that you are an uneducated idiot! An insult to your relative!!

    • Matt

      And you have obviously never had an original thought in your life. I remember the heavy propaganda fed to us in national school in the 1970s about how heroic the leaders of 1916 (or indeed anybody willing to die (and kill, presumably) for their country were. It was a load of bunkum. Physical force nationalism did nothing for this country but set it back decades and squandered huge potential. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid, Marie, and engage your critical faculties, if you have any. As for my relative, his actions were his own and nothing for me to be proud of or ashamed of.

  5. Danny

    It's an absolute disgrace. The leaders of the 1916 rising fought and died so that our nation could be free from rule of a foreign land not to impose terror on other nations as Isis does and also what the British to many nations. You should look at your own history and your own leaders through the centuries before you condemn other nations and their leaders. Just because the British were the one's in power anyone who would fight back must be terrorists. Do you say the same about American leaders in their war of independence.

    • Matt

      On the American Leaders, I would say this: What would happened if there had been no American Revolution. The country would have turned out like Canada. How terrible would that really have been?

  6. kevin

    there was no IS before the illegal bloodbath in Iraq - it would appear empires are slow learners

  7. Eamonn

    Maybe the next time you wish too put pen to paper Mr. Moore, one should try the crossword first!!!! Nevermind tormenting us about 8-900 yrs of terinary.


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