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Stout & About

Broadway beckons for starry-eyed Stout

The North Star
43 The Broadway
London W5 5JN

Stout’s not a fan of musicals. Singin’ in the Rain? Stout would rather be drinking in the sun. Fortunately when Stout found himself on Broadway, it was the Ealing variety and not Manhattan. Less glamorous and exotic maybe, but surely a better chance of a good pint of Guinness.

More Stout & About:

So it came to pass that Stout was treading the boards of the North Star on Ealing Broadway, an admittedly splendid looking pub that wouldn’t seem out of place in a rustic village. Stout made his way through the bustling drinkers, gathered together in their individual groups like theatre patrons enjoying a refreshment break at the half-time interval.

The front and back bar were equally busy, each boasting a wide range of drinks competing for Stout’s eye and, ultimately, his money. However it was the porter that beckoned.

This show didn’t get off to a good start however. Stout believes a good bartender should have a faultless eye for who is next to be served. Unfortunately after waiting at the bar for a few minutes, Stout was aggrieved when the server overlooked Stout in favour of some chancer who had rocked up seconds earlier. If Stout, gentleman that he is, found himself in such a situation he would always point out that someone was ahead of him in the queue — a pity other drinkers aren’t always so charitable.

Stout’s impatient sigh was noted though and he was served immediately after the queue-jumper. Unfortunately, while the show went on, it was not to Stout’s liking. The pint, which although poured in two parts and left to settle adequately, was poured straight the whole way through and in a non-branded glass. The head on the pint was frothy, thin and had literally HUNDREDS of frog eyes. It looked like the milky froth Stout sometimes has on his morning coffee, or like his milkshake when he used to blow bubbles into it with a straw when he was a boy.

The taste was satisfactory once you got past the frothy top; not spectacular, but solid enough to sate Stout. However after two unremarkable pints, Stout didn’t stay for an encore.

[colored_box color=”red”]The Pour: 3

The Appearance: 2

The Taste: 3

The Ambience: 3

Total: 11/20

Price: £3.75

Verdict: Not the brightest star in the sky



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