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The New York Post think a “drunken Irishman” designed the road system at Rosslare Harbour

The New York Post's description of the road could rile Irish people up. (Picture: YouTube)
The New York Post’s description of the road could rile Irish people up. (Picture: YouTube)

THE NEW York Post has caused some annoyance online for its description of a junction at Rosslare Harbour in Co. Wexford.

The newspaper shared a video on its website on Monday of the junction, which was recorded in 2007.

The particularly chaotic stretch of road has four lanes of traffic going into the port, which is a popular terminus for people travelling between Britain and Ireland.

More News:

“Did a drunken Irishman design this road?” The New York Post wrote.

“For drivers in Ireland, going to Rosslare Harbour is a dangerous task. Whoever designed the entrance made some “interesting” choices, leading to one of the worst junctions ever built.”

new york post-nThe footage was recorded by Irishman Michael Fortune. He uploaded it to Facebook for the first time earlier this year, but the New York Post picked it up and added the controversial headline.

“One man told me that he’d go down most evenings during the summer, to observe the craic with the cars as they rushed to get onto the ferry,” Mr Fortune said of the video.

“I spent 3 hours recording this and once I stuck Valerio’s soundtrack underneath it that evening, I knew it was a winner.”

The headline has already had some negative responses on Twitter, with Jordan Erral saying; “Drunken Irishman? What decade is this? Did my casually racist granddad write this headline?”

“Couldn’t get away with that headline with regard to nearly every other ethnic group,” Jim O’Muirgheasa added.

Watch the video here


James Mulhall

James Mulhall is a reporter with The Irish Post. Follow him on Twitter @JamzMulhall

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One comment on “The New York Post think a “drunken Irishman” designed the road system at Rosslare Harbour”

  1. Boston, USA

    It is a strange traffic pattern. However, the NY Post is wrong. Plenty of stupid traffic patterns here in the US, Britain, France, Japan etc. The NY Post wouldn't dare use an ethnic slur to describe those.


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