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Fifteen of the best Irish insults and putdowns you’ll ever hear


Short and not sweet 

1. Weapon – someone with a sharp tongue and a bad attitude, NOT to be trifled with

2. Jade – basically a saucy cow. If you don’t know what that means I can’t help you

3. Dose – pain in the behind. Can be a person or thing (work’s a dose/he’s a dose)

More Entertainment:

4. Eejit – twit, messer. Being called an eejit is bad, but nothing to cry over ya big eejit

5. Langer – idiot, tosser. Unlike eejit, being called a langer is cause for concern

6. Wagon – usually a grumpy, moody, cantankerous person.  Steer clear

7. Ghoul – moron. Can be souped up to ghoul-bag if you really want to insult

Take you down a peg or two 

8. Septic – someone affected, insincere who loves themselves (the worst offense)

9. Notions – see above. Someone who has grand ideas about themselves

10. He could peel an orange in his pocket – for your friend who never buys a round

‘A face like a…’ insults 

11. A face like a bag full of mickeys – rude but funny

12. A face like a slapped arse – referring to a person with a sour expression

13. A face only his mother could love – so ugly only mammy can see the attraction

Acting the…

14. Acting the bollix – being a belligerent, difficult, badly-behaved person

15. Acting the maggot – being naughty or troublesome

Have we left out your favourite Irish insult? Tell us about it on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments section below



Katy Harrington

Katy Harrington is Digital and Features Editor at The Irish Post. Follow her on Twitter @tweetkatyh

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6 comments on “Fifteen of the best Irish insults and putdowns you’ll ever hear”

  1. Michael Gill

    I like the 'face like a bagful of mickeys' but Brendan Behan's 'face like a plateful of mortal sins' is probably more appropriate if describing an ugly old woman

  2. Boston, USA

    Most Irish folks are civil. The biggest Irish insults are the politicians.

  3. Dara O'Brainy

    "Shove it up your crusty hoop!"
    A not very nice way of asking someone to go away.

  4. Niall Gòrdan

    We are mere Scottish Highlandfolk, but my late Mam and others had some great expressions: "who stole the scone out of YOUR face / who stole YOUR scone?" (said to someone with a grumpy expression): A boll o meal Fraser - this can still resonate among folk of another clan who joined them in times gone by: "you're going aboot with a face like a fizzy drink" (more or less self-explanatory, I feel!): he's far in wi his feet wide oot - said of a chap who "gets his feet under the table" so to speak, wins a seat at a woman's table. Fòghnaidh na dh'fhòghnas - enough is as good as a feast!

  5. T Kendrick

    A face like a Badgers arse

  6. Rita mc gettigan

    A mouth on her like a torn pocket.


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