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11 things you need to know about imprisoned Irish 20-year-old Ibrahim Halawa

Ibrahim Halawa. Picture: Amnesty International
Ibrahim Halawa. Picture: Amnesty International

AUGUST 2013 was a turbulent time in Egypt – with the ousted President Morsi’s departure stirring up violent riots. 

At this time, Dublin teenager Ibrahim Halawa was in the Northern African country with his sisters.

At 17, he had just finished his Leaving Cert in Dublin, and was on a holiday in his family’s native country.

More News:

As the violence and disruption across Cairo built, Halawa joined a peaceful protest against the removal of President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Firhouse, Co. Dublin native was jailed – and two and a half years later, now aged 20, Halawa remains in an Egyptian prison.

Last weekend saw the 12th attempt to get Halawa, and the hundreds others imprisoned, to trial – but it be March at earliest before their case is heard.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Amnesty International have called for his release – but so far, there has been no significant progress.

Here is what you need to know about Irishman Ibrahim Halawa

1. Ibrahim was born in the Coombe Hospital in 1995 and went to school in Ballycullen. A normal Irish teenager, he played football and listened to music with his close group of friends

2. His parents are Egyptian – and the Halawas have a large extended family still living in the country. They visit regularly in the summer

3. After finishing his Leaving Cert, he travelled to Cairo in late June 2013 with his three sisters for their trip to see their family

4. He wanted to go to Spain with his friends for a post-Leaving Cert holiday but eventually decided on the usual visit to Egypt to visit relatives

5. They were almost two months in Egypt when they were caught up a protest against the President’s removal

6. The Halawa family claim they took refuge in a mosque – where Cairo police claimed they were fired at – and along with his sisters, Ibrahim was arrested

7. During the protests, 97 people died – and Amnesty International says most of these deaths were due to a “reckless use of force by the security forces”

8. Despite his sisters being released in November 2013 and being able to travel back to Ireland, Halawa remains in his prison

9. More than 400 of those arrested – including Halawa – have been charged with murder and attempted murder

10. Along with 493 other people, Halawa has been awaiting trial for almost two and a half years – but it has been postponed 12 times so far

11. If he is convicted, he could face the death penalty

You can sign Amnesty International’s campaign to free Halawa by clicking here


James Mulhall

James Mulhall is a reporter with The Irish Post. Follow him on Twitter @JamzMulhall

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5 comments on “11 things you need to know about imprisoned Irish 20-year-old Ibrahim Halawa”

  1. Mike

    He was travelling on an Egyptian passport.
    He was involved in the support of the Muslim brotherhood who agree with the barbaric Sharia law.
    His father is the chief Iman in Ireland.
    This guy and his sisters who are out on bail where up to no good.
    As he travelled on an Egyptian passport he is the responsibility of Egypt.
    He is using his Irish citizenship as a tool for his and their gain.
    His sisters hopefully will go back to Egypt and stand trial and prove their innocence.

  2. Richard Moloney

    What I see is that a huge lack of information is being stated by the family?
    I don't care if he's Irish or not, if you were involved with protesting for the Muslim Brotherhood (that hates everything western apart from western freedoms when it goes wrong for them) you deserve to be in prison. There are videos of you on youtube of speaking to thousands I would not say you were innocent.
    Let's not forget the hundreds of churches burnt down by this lovely organisation.

  3. Del boy

    He is a young lad. I would like it if he converted to Christianity or at least said something positive about our Christian faith. That said he is innocent and should be expelled from Egypt. Egypt is a Military dictatorship by the way.

  4. FRED

    They are avid Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

    They were NOT on holiday.

    They were involved in protests for other 2 months, from DAY ONE and they ran the media tent.

    They want Sharia law in Egypt, and they would like parts of it in Ireland too. They support men and women being separated, and supposed public events in public places being Muslim only.

    They are avid CAGE supporters. You know, the British " charity " that support British ISIS members.

    The Hawala sisters support this Egyptian Isis flag carrying murderer:

  5. Michael Campbell

    This Thug who supports the evil Muslim Brotherhood should be left to rot.
    I have no sympathy for him or his sisters who are out on bail .
    Ireland will be a better country without them.
    Let's help the persecuted Christians in Egypt by this hateful family's Muslim Brotherhood .


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